Dr. Robert L. Schofiled’s teachings and strategies will take you on an incredible journey as you:

•  Take big leaps up the maturity scale

•  Influence others to make right choices

•  Bring more joy into your life

•  Solve difficult parenting challenges

“Always an Ally is so phenomenal!”

       “This is the book I’ve been waiting for.”

              “I can’t put this book down.”

Want a Happy Family?  Success in Your Personal Relationships?

Dr. Schofield's helpful advice from 50 years of counseling experiences and Muriel

Donaldson's personal success stories read like a novel. You won't want to put this book


Always An Ally is filled with wisdom and inspiration from a man who viewed his life as a beautiful operetta.  His children feel he was the kindest man in the world. The people he counseled in his practice were so grateful for his help and influence. They felt there was no one like him, anywhere...This book is truly a gift.

Muriel J. Donaldson has been carefully documenting Dr. Schofield's teachings and strategies for over 25 years. Her family and business associations with him gave her a unique understanding of his principles and a desire to share them

with others.

“This is the book I have been waiting for. Muriel has captured Dr. Schofield’s principles perfectly. It’s magnificent.”   -  Camille FarmerGreat

"Always an Ally," reinforces the importance of emotional stability in families. I really

like this book!  -  Dr. Rion Zimmerman

What makes this book special?

Remarkable insights and effective strategies from a psychiatrist's real life stories of 50 years as a psychiatrist, as well as a parent.

Always an Ally

    Never an adversary

Watch Muriel win The Irwin Award

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